all went well! plus: plans

Today, Tiesan Café @ Curved Street, in Filmbase, opened for the first time on a weekend.

As soon as I found out that they would open, I started spreading the word to the knitters out there, because Tiesan had been promising that since March.

All went well, even though there was a book/vinyl fair going on and our space was a bit limited, but all in all we were eight knitters and stitchers altogether, it was lovely and fun and great!

A couple of plans popped up while chatting away with the girls:

  1. we might make it a regular (as in weekly! :) knitting group there as soon as Tiesan starts opening every Saturday.  Yay!
  2. the other idea I have had for sometime and was encouraged and enlightened by the others during the meeting is of a free bookshelf, bookcrossing kind of thing going on there. Yay yay!

Watch this space!


Impromptu Knitting Group this Sat in Filmbase

I’m very happy to announce that Tiesan Café is opening for the first time on a weekend this Saturday, 24th July, from 10am-4pm. This is an experiment so they can see how it would be to open on Saturdays there.

This is what is happening:

Since we have been promising to the knitters that we would open the café on Sats, I thought you’d like to be the first ones to learn about it. I’d like to invite all knitters to come along and knit in the great space we have upstairs in Tiesan Café, Filmbase, Curved Street.

Please let me know if you’d be interested and what times would suit best so we can have a group together there at some point.

Please spread the word :-)

(As posted on Ravelry and SnB Yahoo Group)

plans plans plans

here i come to sweep the cobwebs and apologise to my reader(s)
(i suppose i have at least one reader (including me) but i like to think i have more :)

i have many projects on the needles at the moment, but no pictures. i got a brand new camera last Xmas from hubby and it’s brilliant and very high quality (10 megapixels, wowowow i hear you say), but still no time, space, home tidy enough… on top of that, i lot of work for me with my translations and natural heraling studies plus for my better half as he opened a new coffee shop in Dublin last month. also, i have another blog for more personal stuff, like my detox, my life as a natural healing student, etc.

at the mo i have 3 scarves (1 for me, 1 for hubby and 1 for a friend) on the needles. over Xmas i knitted 2 cowls like this one (Ravelry link) as presents for friends and this scarf for myself (very quick knit, even for my pace :)


Happy New Year!

Following the trend set by Teaandcakes here goes my Wordle:

I need to post more and increase my vocabulary!

And here is the Wordle of my other blog, in Brazilian Portuguese.

nuff said

i went to TIK on Sat

2 scarves

I’m currently knitting 2 scarves. One for myself and one for a friend in school.

knittin’ it is

when i created this (knitting) blog i chose the address knittinitis. i was hooked on knitting but i was not a good knitter (not that this has changed much, i have to say…) and thought it to be an ironic or sarcastic name. however, it started bugging that this address sounded like a dis-ease, something chronic, not nice at all. i started thinking that knitting is something that i very much enjoy and have lots of fun with (one can say it’s even therapeutic to me and a creative outlet)

however, i didn’t know if i should change the address or not, the hassle of updating links and stuff…

and then it came to me! in the past few weeks i had this brain wave, like a change of perspective or something, and realized i could call it ‘KNITTIN’ IT IS’ instead! i am so happy with that. it’s been there since the beginning, staring at my face and only now i see it. how about that? a perfect solution with no hassle at all. at all.